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Data Solutions

Your database is one of the most important assets your business has. It represents your customers and prospects, the very foundation upon which your business success is founded.  Every time you use this data for marketing, it acts as a representative for your business, and will affect how your customers perceive you.  It goes without saying that it therefore needs to be carefully managed and maintained to keep the information up to date and accurate, and fit for its intended use. Market Location has over 40 years of experience in helping businesses get closer to their customers.

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  • Review - with a free Data Evaluation of your Database

     We use state of the art software combined with the expert knowledge of our dedicated team of data analysts, to provide you with a comprehensive report that assesses and analyses your data.  Market Location believe that to provide the best results we need to fully understand the data we are working with so this initial the review of your data will give an invaluable insight and intelligence into its quality and accuracy.
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  • Cleanse - your data

     Keeping your database up to date and accurate is essential as over time the information you hold on your customers and prospects changes, as people move jobs or change responsibilities, so the vital contact information can become out of date and inaccurate quite quickly.  Avoid wasting time and money and ensure that when you make contact with a business the information you have is bang up to date!   
  • Matching and Improving Accuracy

     The first stage to improving the accuracy of the information you hold is to get the matching right.   To do this the matching software we use is designed exclusively for Market Location, and takes your data and matches it against our comprehensive database of 2 million records.  In this way, we make sure that the initial view of your data highlights any problem records and sets the scene for the data cleansing process.  From this point, we ensure that duplicate, invalid and expired records are highlighted, replaced or removed – so you no longer risk having out of date details on your database, such as businesses that have ceased trading, those that have moved address or contacts that have long since changed roles.  From the highest standard of cleansing you get a cleaned and improved database.
  • TPS and CTPS – why is it so important to screen against these?

    The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) is a register of telephone numbers that have opted not to receive sales and marketing calls.  This is a legal requirement and all businesses must make sure that their sales and marketing data is screened against this list of numbers before undertaking any marketing calls.  Given that just this year fines worth hundreds of thousands of pounds have been issued to businesses who failed to abide with this legal requirement – make sure your data is in perfect order, let Market Location screen agains TPS/CTPS for you.
  • Gone Away Records

     Part of the Market Location cleansing routine is to identify businesses that are no longer trading and suppressing them from any future contact.  Just imagine the time and money you’d save by removing these from your database before any sales and marketing activity.  Don’t underestimate how much a database can change over time – there are over 200,000 business closures every year
  • Enhance

     Where your data may have gaps we can append information - from contact and address information to SICs, financial indicators such as turnover and employee size.  All of which gives you a much better picture of the types of organizations you do business with and enables you to find prospects that  mirror these characteristics and allows you to target more precisely with the outcome of turning them into profitable customers.
  • Data Hosting

     Keeping an ever-changing customer database up-to-date is an ongoing battle for any business.  Ever changing customer contact and address details can be a huge source of frustration, and it can be really embarrassing to find out that the contact you were trying to get in touch with left the company three years ago. Market Location can ease this responsibility while still enabling you to have complete control and access to your valuable database.

    By letting Market Location host your database you not only have complete peace of mind about security and integrity of the systems we use, in addition we will review your total database requirements by creating a data cleansing, enhancement, suppression and analysis programme specifically to suit your needs.

    Size isn’t an issue, we have the processing power to keep millions of records up-to-date while also giving regular reporting and analysis plus should you require, supplying you with data for your mailing campaigns, as frequently as you need.
    Database hosting is the perfect solution to ensure your data is managed to the highest standards on an ongoing basis.